Diabetes Type-1 and Type-2

Diabetes is one of the most common hormonal diseases. This disease is often referred to as an uninfected epidemic of the 21st century. Over 200 million people worldwide are diabetic and this number is increasing. By 2025, the number of patients suffering from diabetes is expected to increase by 50%.
Diabetes is expressed in the form of high blood sugar (glucose), which is explained by insufficient insulin production in the body (Type I diabetes) or inability to use the produced insulin properly in body cells (Type II diabetes).

SVF Stem Cell Therapy in Diabetes Type-1 and Type-2 Disease

As a result of stem cell treatment of diabetes patients, a reduction of 50-70% in the level of blood sugar and in the dose of insulin externally was achieved. With stem cell therapy, more than 50% of cases were recovered. In particular, it has been reported that SVF stem cells have effects on vascular (vascular) damage, tissue and organ damage that diabetic has created, restorative function, prolongation of the patient’s life span and increased life comfort. One of the biggest problems that diabetic patients experience is organ or tissue failure due to inadequate oxygen and nutrition in many organs, openning of the wounds on feet, deterioration of kidney function and vascular damage. The SVF stem cells protect the organs that are heavily affected by diabetes, such as tissue and kidney, particularly by promoting the repair and renewal of the vessels. Then, by providing immunomodulation in its content, it rebuilds immune cells that have waged war against insulin-producing beta cells. Rapid recovery is recorded after stem cell transplantation. At the end of the 3rd month, the patients showed that they had decreased dosages of the medication they used, had a more vivid and healthy appearance, decreased about 40-70% compared to the old values in the postmeal blood glucose levels, improved HbA1C values, increased sexual performance, improvement in urea and creatinine values due to renal function were reported.

Scientific Studies
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* Initiation of stem cell therapy is primarily a physician assessment and subsequent patient decision. DOKU BIOTECHNOLOGY is not a treatment practitioner. These results refer to the findings obtained as a result of scientific and clinical studies.