Personalized cream formulated based on genetic analysis

CRENA®; With only 7 cc blood taken from you, you analyze your gene (the relevant code segments on DNA) in 3 main categories (hydration, free radicals, elasticity-tightness) that are important for your skin. By combining specific molecules, rare structures, and most importantly patented specialty ingredients that your skin needs so it uniquely identifies a skin care product. Original creams and activator formulations are developed with inspiration from you.Fulfill all the requirements needed to remain your most special secret of your age.

How is Skin Genetics Found?

Over time, the speed at which the skin will age can be examined in three basic categories. At what proportions the loss of elasticity and elasticity in the skin, the moisture capacity, and the level of antioxidant levels are encoded in our DNA. Specific genetic testing by Genetic Experts reveals the genetic structure of your skin. The person will know in what category and at what level, it will be adversely affected with the advancing age, and is alerted at the point of taking measures against this tendency.

How to make CRENA®?

Blood Sample CollectIon

  • In the clinical or hospital setting, 7 cc blood special tupes are taken by the physician or authorized health personnel.
  • A short questionnaire is filled about your skin and the skin care products you are using.
  • Blood tubes are placed in cold chain transport boxes and sent to the stem cell laboratory in Bilkent Cyberplaza together with forms.

GenetIc AnalysIs DNA IsolatIon

  • Blood samples are checked serologically direction and ensure that any infectious disease free.
  • Seven different gene regions are selected for your cream formulation from countless gene regions in 3 main categories that carry genetic codes related to the aging of your skin. Your gene map is drawn and algorithmic calculations are performed in a special program.

CreatIon of CRENA® FormulatIon

  • As the results of gene analysis, a critical set of key bioactive molecules that your skin will need most, along with the advancement of your age, is optimized by bioengineers to bring them together with high precision.
  • In the end, a unique skin care product is created for use day and night.

Brochure & Link

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What are the Uses of CRENA®?

  • In reducing wrinkles, dryness and matiness problems associated with aging,
  • For repigmentation of skin stains and dark areas originating from sun and environmental damage,
  • After accelerating the regeneration process after mesotherapy applications,
  • to help relieve acne scars