Arterial Hypertension

In the treatment of arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), stem cell therapy has positive effects. In particular, stem cell treatment can be performed at the second stage of primary arterial hypertension with frequent arterial crisis. Nutritional recommendations for normal blood pressure follow-up after stem cell therapy are also presented to the patient.
Within three to four months after stem cell transplantation, a complete reduction in blood pressure and a reduction in the need for hypotensive therapy in about 50% of patients were noted.
Over time, 85% of patients have been observed to have missed the need for hypotensive therapy.
It has been reported that 90% of patients have positive effects on headache, stabilization and normalization of the sleeping pattern, mental ability and sexual power (both in men and women) and youthfulness.

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Scientific Studies

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* Initiation of stem cell therapy is primarily a physician assessment and subsequent patient decision. DOKU BIOTECHNOLOGY is not a treatment practitioner. These results refer to the findings obtained as a result of scientific and clinical studies.