Alzheimer’s disease is a type of neurological disorder in which a person removes himself from his environment step by step, then removes himself from himself, and then after a while the memories of the present life become indistinct one by one, and finally the person has difficulty in recognizing himself. Alzheimer’s is often confused with psychiatric illnesses.

Alzheimer’s disease manifests itself as a disease that starts with forgetfulness. But every forgetfulness does not mean Alzheimer’s disease. If forgetfulness is associated with a loss of skills and changes in personality traits, treatment must be taken. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that causes a number of psychological symptoms to arise from the deterioration of daily activities such as the loss of self-expression of the patient, the deterioration of relations with the environment, the ability of reasoning of account, the deterioration of perception. In the later stages of the illness, the person is no longer able to take care himself. He can become addicted to the bed and return to the position of a totally dependent patient, unable to meet his daily needs.

SVF Stem Cell Therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease

SVF stem cells can be used in Alzheimer’s disease because it helps repair specific brain functions that are damaged. In the studies done, stem cell therapy could achieve very positive results. Transplantation of stem cells has prevented the disease from progressing to more advanced stages in 75% of patients and has helped to improve the present poor condition.
The most obvious and lasting effects of the treatments applied could be obtained at the initial stage of the illness (90% of cases) in which the neurological and mental symptoms occurred. Positive results have been obtained in patients with organic brain lesions (atrophy in the frontoperiatal lobes).
As a result of stem cell application in cases with significant mental disorder, patients’ quality of life (general condition, sleep, appetite, etc.) increased.

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* Initiation of stem cell therapy is primarily a physician assessment and subsequent patient decision. DOKU BIOTECHNOLOGY is not a treatment practitioner. These results refer to the findings obtained as a result of scientific and clinical studies.