DOKU BIOTECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. is a biotechnology laboratory being in service in the area of regenerative medicine, that was established in Hacettepe University Teknokent in 2013. It founded GMP standards laboratory in Cyberpark locating in Bilkent University in 2016 and has begun to offer innovative work in tissue engineering and cellular therapies here. On the one hand, DOKU LAB. develops and services regenerative cellular products, on the other hand, it conducts R&D work on different biomaterials that fall into the category of medical devices.


DOKU LAB. produces tissue engineering products that can provide solutions for many different indications and projects R&D studies. The use of these products is very wide; and provides solutions in chronic wound care (wounds due to diabetes, pressure and genetic problems), erectile dysfunction (impotence),vascular diseases, aesthetic problems (scarring, baldness, wrinkles, stains, etc.), Type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders (ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, Parkinson, MSA etc.), autoimmune diseases  (rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, lupus disease, type 1 diabetes, hashimoto, etc.), skin cancers (gene therapy products), orthopedic problems (cartilage, bone, Muscle and connective tissue degenerative disorders).

Competence (Qualification)

DOKU LAB. is one of 5 special stem cell laboratories in Turkey, which has technical, scientific and hardware infrastructure that can develop product groups that belong to the categories of cellular, genetic, cosmetic and medical devices. DOKU LAB has GMP certificate and the production permission of “Human Tissue and Cellular Products” from the Ministry of Health Turkey Drug and Medical Devices Agency. You can reach the lab for certifications.

DOKU LAB. has been carrying its works with a young and dynamic team with multidisciplinary approach, which includes medical doctors, genetic engineers, biomedical engineers, biologists, chemists, electrical and electronic engineers, biomedical engineers, bioinformatics and quality assurance specialists who are long-serving and expert on tissue engineering field and their own professions.


Doku Biotechnology CO.LTD is closely following the research and academic studies of many organizations that are prominent in the field of biotechnology in Europe, America and Japan and cooperates with most of them.

DOKU LAB. Provides training and consultancy support to many institutions and organizations in the fields of cellular products, genetic-bioinformatics, cosmetics and tissue engineering. With the GMP laboratory that has European standards, it is an active solution partner in CE certification, OEM production and testing services of pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, cosmetics, genetics etc. of many companies.